Accessibility Statement

Our commitment to providing an accessible service

We at ePress are committed to our subscribers. We believe that all our subscribers should have access to our website and our mobile site, whether they use assistive technologies, including screen readers, magnifiers, voice recognition software or switch control, or have other accessibility needs. As diversity and easy accessibility of our service are a part of our core values in all our operations, our mission is to make ePress an effortless recreational reading option for everyone.

How do we reach our goals?

Our accessibility standards for our online services are high. We aim to ensure that we comply with all legislation and official guidelines. Our team of professionals is dedicated to providing the best possible website and mobile site user experience. We also work in cooperation with various interest groups, industry partners and suppliers to identify areas for improvement.

Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 Level AA is universally recognized as the international standard and assessment tool. Our goal is to comply with these standards. We test our website regularly to ensure compliance. Accessibility features and an engaging design are essential in all our digital work: in project planning and implementation and in site improvements based on subscriber feedback. We cooperate with lobbying groups and accessibility and availability experts to ensure that our sites function properly. We are always learning. Our teams learn from everything we do, and we always strive to improve our performance, response times and availability.

Our measures for improving accessibility

We specifically focus on the following areas to ensure that our website and our mobile site are as easy to access as possible for all subscribers:

Site structure: Our goal on and in the application is to use titles, lists, paragraphs and other formatting that are easy to understand and navigate with assistive technologies.

Text alternatives: People who cannot see images or hear sounds may need an alternative method for presenting content in order to be able to interact with our sites. Our goal is to ensure that our images and multimedia is fully accessible via alternative text, image text and transcripts.

Full keyboard access: Our goal is to ensure that everything on our site is accessible with a keyboard.

Site consistency: Our goal is to build both our website and our mobile site consistently. After you have learned the principles of navigating our site, our goal is to make both the website and the mobile site easy to use in a consistent manner.

Do you need help or do you have feedback for us?

Send us your feedback: let us know if you enjoy using or the mobile site or if you have issues using them.

E-mail us at:

W3C’s Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) includes resources, strategies and guidelines that help make Internet fully accessible to all.