ePress Nordic’s ethical principles (Code of Conduct), based on our company’s values and the international principles of UN Global Compact, guide our daily work. We are committed to corporate social responsibility, environmental responsibility and social responsibility in our operations. The codes of our ethical principles commit our company’s entire personnel to these shared values and principles. Every employee has a responsibility to comply with the ethical principles in their daily work.

We comply with current legislation

We do not approve of violating the law nor shall we ever urge or instruct anyone to violate established law. We comply with collective labor agreements and honor their spirit.

We respect human rights and treat each other equally.

We are committed to respecting internationally recognized human rights in all our operations. We do not tolerate violations of human rights in any form. We respect the individual, and we do not tolerate discrimination, harassment, intimidation or bullying. We respect our employees’ right to freedom of association and right to organize.

We avoid conflicts of interest

We avoid any situations which might be considered to be in violation of an employee’s personal or business-related interests. Pursuing personal interests or those of a closed one is not acceptable.

Personal relationships play no role in our decision-making.

We are loyal

We do not share confidential information gained while working to anyone besides the parties involved. We ensure that no confidential information is disclosed to outsiders.

We take care of the data security of any electronic tools and devices we use. We represent the company and its operations in an appropriate way in relation to all stakeholders.

We always act in the best interest of the company.

We say no to bribery

We do not approve of bribery in any form. We do not accept bribes or other benefits that could be considered corruption. We do not pay bribes to our business partners, authorities or other partners. We show hospitality in moderation and when appropriate. For example, when negotiating agreements on cooperation, we never give even the most modest of gifts to our negotiation partners.

We respect the environment

We actively monitor the environmental and climate impact of our operations and decrease the amount of waste produced. We sort and recycle the waste produced where possible. In our procurement, we prefer environmental options.

We expect our suppliers, subcontractors and other partners to follow the ethical principles.

We treat our business partners fairly and equally. We are a dependable business partner, and we respect intellectual property rights. We believe in open and fair competition, and we comply with current competition law. We refrain from engaging in any activities that are designed to prevent or limit open and fair competition. We require the same principles of operation from our partners and other stakeholders.

Any activities that may be in conflict with the ethical principles of our company should be primarily reported to the immediate supervisor, or to their supervisor if necessary. Any employee may also contact the managing director, an executive, or internal auditing regarding any failure to comply with ethical principles, without fear of retribution or other negative consequences.

All reported failures to comply with ethical guidelines are reviewed accordingly and actions are taken when necessary.


Whistle Blowing – Submit report

Please note that you agree to make your report honestly and with good intentions. If the investigation reveals that your report was intentionally misrepresented or intended to cause harm, your report will be construed as vandalism.
Please note that notifications made through this service will not be responded to immediately. If the matter requires an immediate response, please contact us by phone or email.